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We work with you and your business to customize a strategy that will accomplish the results you seek. We enjoy the process of exclusively working with you to stand out in your community and help build a recognizable expertise in your field. There were 12.7 billion Google search during April 2020. We help Google users find their answers by guiding them to the right company assets and captivating them with compelling, informative, and useful content that will differentiate your business from the rest. Digital marketing and SEO services are made easy and customized to your needs with KCM. Every project is unique, however, we accomplish all projects with the base characteristics utilizing integrity, intuition, determination, and proven results.

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Our Services:

Our Successes are measured on your success. We provide results and solutions customized to your desired outcome to generate growth and longevity. We base all our services to generate your premiere return on investment. So how can we help you accomplish your company goals while leaving you the time to enjoy it?

Website Design

There is no better place to start your digital marketing campaign than with your company website. Access the potential of billions of internet searches every month looking for products, services, and answer. Be the person that provides those needs with a creative and compelling website to go with your expertise.

Web D&D

SEO Services

Now that you have a website it is time to become recognized. With SEO services and consulting you can drive potential customers to your website by ranking on Google and using Google as your reference. Find out why SEO is still relevant in 2020.

SEO Services


This service is a premiere package that encompasses logo design, website development, Google my business account, social media platforms, and every digital assets optimized to rank in search engines for specific category. Content is king and with branding you will receive customized and branded content for all your marketing needs.


Social Media Advertising

This is a PPC or pay per click strategy to post ads that can reach specific demographics and areas. Social media advertising is impulse buying unlike Google and other search engines. However, if done correctly can connect with audiences by convey a unique message and fueling your brand recognition and expertise.

Social Media

Google Ads Management

Another alternative to ranking on Google is paying Google to rank. SEO can take time to see results. So if you desire immediate results then this may be want your need. While working to organically rank on index pages you can jump start the process by paying Google to be on the first page.

Google Ads

Logo Design

Let's find out what story your logo you want to tell? Create recognition across all company platforms, assets, communications, and advertising with one image. Tell your company visions and goals the way the were meant to be told and own your brand.

Logo Design

How can Digital Marketing Help You in 2020?

The internet is becoming more relevant in all aspects of life as we progress in this technical age. With increasing internet users comes increased opportunities. Capitalizing on these opportunities will change the way you do business. Below is just a brief overview of some advertising potential. Tap into a new source of clients and stimulate your company growth.

60k Internet Searches are Initiated Every Second
  • Over 310 Million Internet Users in the U.S.
  • Over 270 Million Mobile Internet Users in the U.S.
  • Over 225 Million Social Media Users in the U.S.
  • 93% of Internet Searches Start with a Search Engine like Google
  • 75% of Internet Users Never See Past First Page Results
  • 61% of Internet Customers Research a Product or Services Before Purchasing

Why Choose KCM for Your Marketing Needs?

The bottom line is we dig deeper and work harder than our competition. We understand that your company is your livelihood, and the stresses that can come along with pay roll, cash flow, shelf stock, etc. We take the time to understand you, your company, and your vision and goals to success so we can devise a strategy that fits your needs and unload some unwanted stresses.

We treat our business arrangements as a partnership. We team up and work exclusively with you in your area and expertise. We do not operate like HomeAdvisor or other large directories. When you reach an agreement with KCM we work exclusively with your business to beat out your competition and that includes the large directories. You will not see us working with your competition to generate another dollar. Instead we will double down on any company with like minds of beating the competition with experience, creativeness, work ethic, constant improvement, and determination.

We offer full comprehensive services that afford you the time to accomplish other goals, or budgeted services as a consultant that require more involvement. Regardless of the services of interest we provide characteristics of integrity, intuition, determination, to drive proven results with all our clients. Honesty is our best policy. If we can not help you or your company we will disclose that with you, and suggest another option. We strive to build your success with you and beat the competitors together.

Connections are Key

We value your business and your communities progress. We want to help build up local communities by partnering with company's that do the right thing especially when it's harder. We believe in under selling and overproducing to develop positive relationship retention with local businesses and communities. Helping others achieve their goals is what drives us. What drives you?

With a call today find out how many connections you are missing out on.

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