Are You a Contractor Servicing the Cleveland Area?

Are You Taking on New Clients?

Are You Happy With HomeAdvisor & Angie's List?

Do You Want Consistent & Exclusive Leads?

During our construction contracting days it was apparent that constant and new customers is vital for company survival and growth. So we have since partnered with contractors in several states by helping them build their own stream of new clients that generates the best return on your marketing investment.

How? The simply answer we construct digital assets that out rank HomeAdvisor, Angie's List, and your competition so customers find you on Google.

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Why are We Here?

Are you tired of buying leads from HomeAdvisor only to find out 10 other contractors have those same leads? Some leads may not be worth your time or effort. Well what if there was a way to beat your competition and large directories to manifest your own stream of leads that you control? That's what we do after knowing the truth about these other marketing companies. We partner exclusively with you to generate new clients.

Asking is free with us, so if you are interested in how we can help then give us a call or fill out our contact form. Any information you provide will only be used to discuss your digital marketing options. We do not spam or sell this information.

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Where do the Leads Come From?

For contractors nothing is better than Google. Think of the last time you were trying to find a local business. Google has made it as easy as typing a phrase to find what you are looking for relative to your location. We utilize a proven strategy that will rank any website on Google, Facebook, and YouTube. So if you are trying to be found by potential customers searching Google for, "Contractor Near Me" in the city of Cleveland then this is for you. We specialize in building local contractor websites and assets that will get you to the top of Google. So what would being at the top of Google do for you? Here is an example right out of Cleveland that we created to show a "snap shot" of the potential and benefits of ranking can do.

SERP for "ELectrician in Cleveland Ohio"

SERP=Search Engine Results Page

SERPS Consist of-

Advertising or Adwords

Map Packs

Organic Listings

Anyone searching Google for Electricians in Cleveland
are ready to pay for services. This is how HomeAdvisor
gets their leads as you see them at the bottom of this

Haveing Your listing at the top of the map pack and
organic listings will change the way you do business.
Ranking for "Electrician Cleveland"

Volume: Search 100 Times Last Month

Keyword Difficulty: 7 (Low Competition)

Additional Key Phrases:

Electrician Cleveland Ohio
Volume: 90 per month

Electrician Cleveland OH
Volume: 60 per month

The Potential Of SEO: Win the Bid

SEO stands for "search engine optimization" and many companies are investing and we just showed you a snap shot why. Let's just say your website is ranking for this key phrase "Electrician Cleveland" and out of the 100 people that searched this last month let's say 20% visited your website. Out of the 20 people that came to your website from ranking one key phrase let's say 10% of those people you closed a project with. So you generated 20 calls and leads and closed on two in one month because your website is ranking for one keyword. How would a steady stream of leads that you control change the way you do business?

What We are Offering You

We offer the full spectrum of digital marketing for contractors. We build your website using proven SEO techniques, optimize your "Google My Business" for map packs, manager and improve social media pages, and any other marketing needs a contractor may have. We have been in your shoes and we understand the difficulties generating new customers can have. If you are in need of new customers then seeing what we have to offer you is a free phone call away.

We are Exclusive with our Partners: Supplies Limited

When we say exclusive it means we are working for your best interest and nobody else. So once we partner with a contractor in your area, we will not be available for any others. So if you are an electrician in Cleveland and you invest with us, you have our guarantee there are no others we are partnering with that would be your competition in your area of service. So supplies are limited.

What's the Cost?

Every need and budget in the construction business is different. Our bids are customized to fit your financial needs and desired results.

The Basic Costs:

Website Build/Redesign: $2k - $6k

Website cost heavily depend on how big, how creative, and how customized
it needs to be to beat out the competition.

Monthly SEO Retainer: Starting at $500 a month

This is monthly costs for managing and ranking your website.
Similar to Website builds the cost will depend on the level of competition
and the resources required to beat the competition.