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Google Adwords & Opportunities

Google is very useful when it comes to connecting with new customers. Though, we always suggest an organic SEO campaign for a marketing foundation and longevity, Google ads can see quick results compared to SEO. The main difference is when you stop paying Google for ads then the leads stop coming in.

Below is a short list of some examples of ways we use Google ads in marketing campaigns.

  • Jump starting a new business for quick leads and customers
  • Expanding business service areas or addition to services
  • Complementing SEO Campaign (Seen by users for ads & organically)
  • Straight Ads Campaign (No SEO) less start up cost (monthly budget), but when you stop paying Google the leads stop coming
What can Google do for You
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Choosing a Google Ads Marketing Agency

With Google leading the way in terms of search engines, most of our time, research, understanding, and studies is centered around how Google works, yet more importantly how the Google users works. Google employs many highly intelligent guru's and their main job is to make the experience of using Google as positive, easy, and quick as possible. Their idea is give the customer what they want at a higher capacity and efficiency than their competitors and the customer will keep coming back. Pretty proficient way to run any business is to please your customers. That is why understanding the internet user and how Google is evolving to benefit their customers is essential in any search engine related marketing strategy.

So why use an agency when you can create adwords yourself? There are several free or inexpensive internet tools to be able to research adwords and key phrases. Adwords is the term Google uses for (cost per click) or (pay per click) phrases. Key phrases is the term for similar words, but ranking them organically without paying for ads. Understanding the intent of searchers when they type a specific key phrase and the volume of individuals searching that phrase are some of the valuable factors that go into Google ads and SEO.

If you are interested in a free video showcasing some ways to scratch the surface of key phrase research we ask that you fill out our form and say "Show me how to key phrase". Once we have request we will make a free video to get you started and send to you e-mail. Otherwise most tools used by digital marketing agencies will start at $100 a month.

How We Handle Your Google Ads Campaign

With using a Google ads firm like KCM we will do all the research for you when it comes to key phrases. We will provide analytical reports you will understand with targeted directions for the best return on your investment. Think of it as having the options to put your ads campaign on auto pilot, or learn the ropes and comprehend some key phrase digital marketing with reports, descriptions, and understanding. Control your monthly marketing spending with a structured budget. We will observe the efficiency of your sales funnel starting with your ad and provide solutions to continuously improve returns.

The way we prefer to structure cost of a google ads campaign is to determine your monthly budget, adjust adwords count with budget, and charge a flat monthly fee for each adword we manage. This way you know exactly what your monthly expenses will be. However, we are always flexible on compensation methods. Another common method is to add addition cost per every click, or commission of jobs landed through campaign. As long as you have a marketing budget there is a way you can benefit from Google ads. Whether you want to do it yourself, or partner with an agency that is continually learning from Google and it's users.