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Pay Per Click (PPC) Social Media Marketing Agency

As the internet users continue to grow so does social media. It is estimated that 3.5 billion individuals use social media worldwide, and 80% of Americans are utilizing major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others. At KCM we are efficient at connecting with these audiences and determining what the best strategy is for generating leads and sales that fits preferred results and enjoyable return on investment.

With a near limitless audience on social media we help derive a strategy that reaches a targeting demographic that offers the most attractive return on your investment for your specific niche under you budget guidelines.

How Can You Capitalize on Social Media
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Developing Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Let's say we are starting from scratch and do not have a social media following. That's not a problem because everyone starts from somewhere. As a following increases so will the positive results as you continue to build your social media network, influence, and following.

We work with social media influencers that dig deep into your demographics to help determine the best path, and targeted audience. Not only determining the preferred audience, but proven ads and content that urge viewers to call you.

This is not only beneficial for the obvious reason of more calls and sales, but also increases you influence and reference standing with search engines. Social media links are a factor when ranking on search engines. The more people sharing your links the more Google and others will trust you.

Drive Up Your Sales with Social Media Marketing Services

Sales is what drives the need for social media marketing services and the results are creating profit for your business. There are many ways to generating leads and sales with social media.

Directly if they click on your content then you should send them to a webpage that has a specific sales funnel with an offer, information, and contact forms for the customer. We use sales psychology and constant monitoring and improvement to configure the right sales funnel for your needs.

Indirectly it can benefit your searchability across search engine platforms. Not only boosting your website ranking with shares and likes, but also creates a familiarity to the potential customer.

Social media advertising can be tricky as it is more difficult to convert users to customers seeing they are not looking for a service or product on social media, but impulse buying and becoming familiar and comfortable with a service or product are the key benefits with PPC social media marketing.