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Why is a Company Website Build Important?

There were 12.7 billion Google searches for the month of April 2020 as stated on the home page. Now that's a big pie, but if you want a piece of the potential customer pie a website is essential. A website is used for many reasons and affords many other opportunities. You can captivate customers with creative design and deliver your company message in a compelling way. You can generate information and useful content to help your community better understand your industry. Help customers understand your business from location, points of contact, and hours of operation. You can sell e-commerce products with little maintenance and high profit margins, or connect to a local community and improve a neighborhood by being the service provider, contractor, health professional, or legal expertise with their best interest. Having your message heard by many is becoming easier and easier with the internet. You just need the right assets in place to be found by your preferred customer. Your website development will serve many purposes. We focus on your needs and goals to come up with the right internet assets that will fulfill your desired results.

The Goals We Build Websites Around

  • Be discovered by potential customers and clients.
  • Captivate your audience with creative and unique colors, pictures, videos, audio, graphic design, interactions and much more
  • Tell your company message through story, design, layout, and images.
  • Inform with compelling and useful content. Help teach others of what you do and know.
  • Establish authority and recognition in your area of expertise.
  • Ultimately provide the customer with the answer they are looking for.
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Content is King when it comes to Website Development Success

Everyone loves exciting and unique. Be the exciting and creative reasons that urges website visitors to listen to what you have to say. Content is the way to captivate your audience and keep them coming back for more. I'm not just talking about pretty. We are talking about easy to navigate, informative, useful, and pretty content bundled up into one presentation serving all your needs to connect with your customers.

We do not restrict ourselves by only offering our in house artists work. We work with a variety of passionate professionals from photographers, film, graphic design, audio, web developers, and any forms of content needed to create your digital assets. If your project is in need of specialized services for the complete professional feel we open our rolodex and bring in perfect fits on projects to overproduce your expectations.

Is your current website not what you are wanting? We have worked with many different website building platforms such as WebFlow, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Square Space, and are never afraid to learn another or bring in a trusted developer familiar with the platform. If there is a way we can benefit your current website we would be happy to help. If content is all you need let use create some together.

What is the Process for Building a Website?

First and foremost you must have a complete understanding of what the goals you wish to accomplish are, but more importantly what are the intended audiences goals? The conversion rate of your website greatly depends on what you provide visitors and if they find it useful and/or informative. Putting customers goals first by providing useful information and then offering your services and products will go a long way in building trust, a positive relationship, and a referral. Many website builds make this mistake and focus on only what the client wants, but what about what the client's customer wants? We start with both. What is the potential customer searching for and why? How do we provide the answer for them while simultaneously accomplishing your goals?

To accomplish this it requires diving deep into your company visions and research on preferred customers questions in your field of expertise. Here are some of the questions we will ask you. Where do you want this to end up? What results are you looking for? Why do you want/need these results? what would these results do for you and how would they change your way of business? Where have you seen success? Where have you encountered failure? These are just a few of the questions we will ask you.

Some questions we will ask about the audience. What are they trying to accomplish? Where are they looking? What is drawing them in? How do we answer their questions? What is your competition doing? How are your competitors succeeding? How do we do it better than your competitors?

Many strategies throughout our processes are based off researching your competition and staying two steps ahead. So with our competitive and determined nature, we dive for the results you are seeking by strategizing around beating your competition and staying on top.

Once the understanding of what you want to accomplish is there it is putting it all into action. This is were the artist and design takes over all supervised to accomplish your goals that are in line with your customer goals. This is were the artist earn their money in creating something not easily turned away from. This is were pieces are put into place that captivates your audience, tells your company message using compelling content, establishes recognition in field of expertise, and ultimately provide the answer your customer is looking for.

Our Process for Building Your Website